…. is to celebrate our Catholic faith by broadcasting an online Catholic radio station with a wide mix of interesting and original programmes which showcase the creative talent within our Catholic community.

Heavens Road FM started out in 2010 and broadcast successfully for 10 days during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.
The programmes were all original and produced entirely by volunteers. We now wish to develop and expand its multi-arts project for Christian, especially Catholic, communities. Its main aims are:

  1. To broadcast a digital radio station which will appeal to Catholic, and other Christian, listeners of all ages, by providing an inclusive mix of entertaining, factual and educational programmes, most of which will be original.
  2. To provide an open platform for improving communications within the Catholic community both in the UK and worldwide.
  3. To involve the Catholic community – individuals, parishes, charities, schools and other organisations – in producing programmes for the radio [with roles for producers, script writers, announcers, actors, musicians, DJs, interviewers, social media writers, music makers etc].
  4. To provide opportunities for people to become involved in the technical side of operating a digital radio station [with rôles such as studio technicians, audio recording and editing, web programmers etc].
  5. To offer the facilities of a Recording Studio for Christian singers, musicians and choirs to produce quality CDs of their music and programmes to broadcast.
  6. To organise a Christian Art Exhibition by encouraging Christian artists, especially students and young people, to display prints of their work for viewing and sale.
  7. To encourage and assist Catholics in other creative arts, such as writing poetry and song writing, and to encourage publishing their efforts for public sale.
  8. To encourage and assist Catholic organisations, such as parishes and schools, to set-up their own online radio stations and recording studios.
  9. To encourage the use of digital devices and ‘assistive’ radios by people are living in isolation.
  10. To provide a platform to help ensure a Christian sport legacy after the Olympics.
  11. To offer training, support, mentoring and encouragement to volunteers [and staff ] to improve their skills and to provide work experience where practicable and appropriate.
  12. To ensure our organisation is committed to social inclusion and equal opportunities; does not discriminate on grounds of race, age, colour, physical or mental disability, religious belief, or gender and has sound and ethical employment practices.